About Us

We are Andrea and Chrissy, 2 sisters from Adelaide, South Australia and our mission is to help the planet and everyone who lives on it by reducing waste and improving wellbeing.

We are committed to your health as well as the health of the planet and we have carefully selected our products and suppliers ensuring that they align with our own beliefs and ethical standards.

As many of us are becoming more aware of our household waste and plastic use, we have been searching for reusable and compostable household products and items with low impact packaging. The packing materials we use for shipping orders are either recycled cardboard and paper or cornstarch based home-compostable satchels.

We are passionately cruelty-free and we stock many vegan friendly items. Wherever possible we prefer local suppliers and organic ingredients and we check all the ingredients in our personal care range carefully to ensure they are safe for your family and your home.