PEGZ Stainless Steel Pegs 30pack

Forget buying plastic pegs that snap, fade and add to the world's growing plastic waste problem.

Grab some of PEGZ strong, long lasting and eco friendly wire pegs. The natural jute bags are compostable making this a zero waste product plus you can feel good about supporting an Australian small business.

With different grades, sizes and colours there is something for everyone!

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Grade 201 - "standard" grade, hardy and long lasting if you bring under cover between washes. Not suitable for coastal areas. 

Grade 304 - "tough" grade, very resistant to corrosion and fine to leave on the line between washes if you are not in a coastal area. Ok for coastal areas if you bring inside between washes. 

Grade 316 - "marine" grade, fully corrosion resistant and fine to be left on the line even in coastal areas including on boats.



1.6-1.8mm are "easy open" requiring a lower pinch strength while still providing a strong hold to keep your clothes secure on the line

2mm - the standard wire size and most common available

over 2mm - requires a stronger pinch to open but are extremely strong and will hold tight to heavy clothes on gusty days

Extra long is 76mm length providing more strength and an improved hold on items such as blankets, heavy towels, quilts etc.